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The World of the Counselor: An Introduction to the Counseling Profession

THE WORLD OF THE COUNSELOR gives readers an unparalleled look into the practicalities of the counseling profession by providing a broad overview of the field, including a firm foundation in the skills, theories, and day-to-day realities of the job. Thorough and research-based, the book presents the key concepts and material about the counseling profession with clarity and insight, while keeping readers engaged through illustrative case examples and personal narratives. To ensure that readers…

Introduction To The Counseling Profession

Pub Date : 2017-06-26 | Author : David Capuzzi | Publisher : Routledge

ISBN 10 : 9781134991501
ISBN 13 : 1134991509

Designed for students who are taking a preliminary course in the counseling field, Introduction to the Counseling Profession, 7th Edition, provides a comprehensive overview of the ..

A Brief Orientation To Counseling

Pub Date : 2013-06-25 | Author : Edward S. Neukrug | Publisher : Cengage Learning

ISBN 10 : 9781133712442
ISBN 13 : 1133712444

A BRIEF ORIENTATION TO COUNSELING provides the unique knowledge and skills you need as you begin your journey toward building an identity as a professional counselor. Neukrug clear..

Counseling Theory And Practice

Pub Date : 2010-02-05 | Author : Edward S. Neukrug | Publisher : Cengage Learning

ISBN 10 : 9780495008842
ISBN 13 : 0495008842

COUNSELING THEORY AND PRACTICE provides a unique, in-depth presentation of all the major theories of counseling and psychotherapy. Author Edward S. Neukrug discusses twelve theorie..

The World Of The Counselor

Pub Date : 1998-08 | Author : Ed Neukrug | Publisher : Thomson Brooks/Cole

ISBN 10 : 0534355862
ISBN 13 : 9780534355869

Full of experiential exercises, ethical and legal vignettes, self-assessment/development scales, and helpful appendices, this workbook enhances student understanding of the standar..

Counseling Around The World

Pub Date : 2015-01-12 | Author : Thomas H. Hohenshil | Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN 10 : 9781119026266
ISBN 13 : 1119026261

This fascinating book provides a global exchange of information about counseling activities and services; counselor training; and existing professional practices, beliefs, and valu..

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