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Interviewing in Action in a Multicultural World (with CourseMate Printed Ac…

The fifth edition of Interviewing in Action in a Multicultural World provides students with the clinical wisdom and hands-on practice to fully develop their clinical interviewing skills. Authors Bianca Cody Murphy and Carolyn Dillon have expanded many sections of the book with new material on technology, multiculturalism, and other timely topics. This up-to-date text also features new practice examples, essay questions, and self-exploration activities to prepare students for a variety of…

Learner Autonomy Across Cultures

Pub Date : 2003-11-03 | Author : D. Palfreyman | Publisher : Springer

ISBN 10 : 9780230504684
ISBN 13 : 023050468X

What does 'autonomy' mean within language learning? Should it be enhanced within national, institutional or small group culture and, if so, how can that be done? A variety of new t..

Appropriate Methodology And Social Context

Pub Date : 1994-09-22 | Author : Adrian Holliday | Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN 10 : 0521437458
ISBN 13 : 9780521437455

The methodology of English language education has been developed mainly in the English-speaking countries of 'the west' and does not always fit the needs of the rest of the world. ..

Finding The Healer Within

Pub Date : 1996-01-01 | Author : Beth Moran | Publisher : Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN 10 : 0887376819
ISBN 13 : 9780887376818

Finding the Healer Within is a contemporary guide for women to take co ntrol of their health. "Listen to your body and seek out the informati on you need," says Beth Moran, to help..

Radiohead And The Resistant Concept Album

Pub Date : 2010-11-08 | Author : Marianne Tatom Letts | Publisher : Indiana University Press

ISBN 10 : 9780253004918
ISBN 13 : 0253004918

How the British rock band Radiohead subverts the idea of the concept album in order to articulate themes of alienation and anti-capitalism is the focus of Marianne Tatom Letts's an..

Naturalism Defeated

Pub Date : 2002 | Author : James K. Beilby | Publisher : Cornell University Press

ISBN 10 : 0801487633
ISBN 13 : 9780801487637

Almost a decade ago, Alvin Plantinga articulated his bold and controversial evolutionary argument against naturalism. This intriguing line of argument raises issues of importance t..

Summer Was A Fast Train Without Terminals

Pub Date : 1998 | Author : Merlinda Bobis | Publisher : Spinifex Press

ISBN 10 : 1875559760
ISBN 13 : 9781875559763

To love in a language prised from my wishbone. To sing a landscape where village girls burst the moon with giggles. To dance through the fattest eye of a rice-grain -- to do all th..

Fractional Graph Theory

Pub Date : 2011 | Author : Edward R. Scheinerman | Publisher : Courier Corporation

ISBN 10 : 9780486485935
ISBN 13 : 0486485935

A unified treatment of the most important results in the study of fractional graph concepts, this volume explores the various ways in which integer-valued concepts can be modified ..

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